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Two Things About SG-1 Season 10

  • Jul. 15th, 2017 at 12:37 PM
theemdash: (SG-1 Vala)
I am finally up to Season 10 in my rewatch and I have two things to say:

1. Did I possibly never watch my Season 10 DVDs? Because this menu doesn't look familiar. Season 10 is the only one that I have digitally so I have watched it A TON but that also means it's possible I never watched the DVDs. HUH.

2. Am I the only one who's bothered that Teal'c notices there's no birds in "Morpheus" and Sam asks him to confirm when the conversation was the other way around in "The First Commandment"?

"The First Commandment"
TEAL'C: Is there a problem, Doctor Carter?
CARTER: No birds.*

DANIEL: What is it?
TEAL'C: Birds.
CARTER: What birds?
TEAL'C: My point exactly. I first noticed in the village and now here in the forest as well—an unusual stillness. There are no birds, or any other animal life for that matter.*

While I can come up with some in-world explanations for this, I'm bothered that Amanda Tapping's reaction in "Morpheus" seems to indicate that she hadn't noticed the lack of birds. I feel like even with the added responsibility of being co-command of SG-1 she still would have noticed the birds. (And yes, I realize this is a potential continuity error 9 years apart.)

*Transcripts snagged from SG-1 Solutions

3. Actually, I have a third thing to say: It still surprises me every time Daniel is arguing in favor of putting Vala on SG-1 that he likens her situation to Teal'c and not himself. Yes, Teal'c and Vala have things in common being aliens and potentially having conflicts of loyalty, but Daniel had to argue for his place on SG-1, too. Moreover he was arguing to look for his wife, and Vala is—kind of, if not explicitly—searching for her husband and child. You'd think Daniel would see that connection. (Of course he could be willfully trying to not identify with her.)

Anyway, I still love SG-1. From the start to the finish.


princessofgeeks: (ValaLOL by dannysgirl)
[personal profile] princessofgeeks wrote:
Jul. 15th, 2017 07:13 pm (UTC)
I think it's highly likely that Daniel is trying NOT to identify with Vala, and trying NOT to notice why he has such sympathy for her! Daniel's name is an anagram for... you know.

I really love Vala as a character, and have even written Daniel/Vala fic (and Jack/Vala and Jack/Daniel/Vala, for that matter), although I am at heart a J/D OTP kind of fan. And I like how she shook up the team in season 9 and 10.

And after having watched some of Farscape it's even more entertaining! Although I confess Cameron is so not someone I'm very interested in. Although I love his friendship with Sam.

I found it so hard to enjoy the show after Jack left. But I do watch Seasons 9 and 10 (and one of my kids has been rewatching it recently as well) with pleasure.... Sam and Teal'c are so interesting in Jack's absence, and it's also fascinating to see how Daniel's character continued to change.

So glad you are enjoying SG1 again. I love your contributions to the fandom.
green_grrl: (SG1_Daniel)
[personal profile] green_grrl wrote:
Jul. 16th, 2017 02:08 am (UTC)
2. It actually seems kind of strange to me that Sam was the one to notice the birds thing the first time around. Teal'c has extensive off world experience and is known to be SG-1's best wild lands tracker. Maybe Sam got sent to some woodlands survival boot camp, but it's not something people generally notice right off unless they grew up rurally or got special training. By later seasons, both Teal'c and Sam (and Daniel) should be noticing it right away.

3. But Daniel knows Earth's military mindset—Teal'c's an alien, Vala's an alien. Daniel is an American and was already a military consultant, so "trustworthy."
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[personal profile] sidhe_faerie wrote:
Jul. 19th, 2017 04:12 pm (UTC)
I'm actually doing a rewatch of this now. Writers block is a bad thing and I needed to get back to my favorite storytelling shows


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