GYWO 2013: One More Sell

  • Jan. 18th, 2013 at 3:18 PM
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Dear Friends, you have a little more than 2 DAYS to sign up for GYWO 2013. If you're a writer on my flist, I would love for you to sign up. This is (probably) the last year we will be running this and I want you to join me for writing this year. Am I going to guilt trip you right now? YOU BET I AM.

Look at the other people on my flist who have already signed up!
[ profile] brilligspoons, [ profile] darkmachines, [ profile] getaway_machine, [ profile] jedimara77, [ profile] jenniferkoliver, [ profile] kay_brooke, [ profile] lady_ganesh, [ profile] lanewinree, [ profile] medie, [ profile] melayneseahawk, [ profile] momebie, [ profile] myras_girls, [ profile] nyghtrain, [ profile] paper_tzipporah, [ profile] rydiafantasy, , [ profile] writerfangirl, [ profile] xsnarkasaurus, [ profile] zarathustra

Don't you want to have fun with us???

Okay, in all seriousness: GYWO isn't nearly as high stress as people make it out to be. Yes, writing to a word-count goal can be stressful, but you'll have 200 other people supporting you in your writing, encouraging you to sit down and write, and celebrating with you when you do write. There will be posts all year about the writing process and craft, advice from people who've been there, and opportunities to just get your writing troubles off your chest! We have word wars that are available to members only, a private chat, and prompts and challenges over the year. Also: If you don't make your writing goal, it's okay! The important thing is that you made progress—any progress—and we'll be here to help you make it.

Won't you join me? Sign-ups end January 20.

GetYourWordsOut: One Last Time (Probably)!
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