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Newly Archived Fic Post #8

  • Feb. 4th, 2017 at 2:11 PM
theemdash: (Firefly Wash)
I was feeling antsy so I went through a significant number of short fics in the last couple days. Since all of the links are for micro-fiction, I tossed in a few more than usual, including two drabble collections—(1) Daniel/Sha're and (2) Daniel Gen Fic.

As before ALL fics have been polished.
★'d fics are personal favorites.

Stargate: SG-1: Daniel Jackson Collection
Fair Power, PG, Daniel, angst, episode related, "Fair Game" (100 words)
a very early drabble, which you can tell because it's in 1st person

Being Daniel Jackson, PG, Daniel, team, friendship, episode related, "Fallen" (500 words)
I'm partial to Arrom and should write more fics with him

Role Model, PG, Daniel, Jack, angst, friendship, episode tag, "Prototype" (230 words)
the last line kills me and I wrote it

Stargate: SG-1: Daniel/Sha're Collection
Not Like That, PG, Amaunet, Daniel/Sha're, Season 1, "Children of the Gods," something of the host remains (100 words)
Sha're has a shitty deal and I should write about her more

Time to Wake, PG, Daniel/Sha're, Season 3, pre-"Forever in a Day," dreams, waking up (100 words)
ha ha, I'm so fucking mean

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
One Way Ticket, PG, Giles, angst, friendship, episode related, "Tabula Rasa" (740 words)
Giles as father figure who doesn't know what he's doing is still great

Good Night's Sleep, PG, Buffy, Willow, friendship, humor, loud neighbors, Season 4 (500 words)
I had forgotten this fic—it's pretty funny!

Nekkid, PG, Mal, humor, episode tag "Trash" (100 words)
short and sweet

Not Out of Gas, PG, Wash, Zoe, humor, farting (110 words)
this is hands down my most mature and sophisticated fic

Dinosaur Envy, PG, Wash, Zoe, humor, dinosaur (780 words)
I adore Wash's dinosaurs (and his allegories)


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