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Newly Archived Fic Post #5

  • Jan. 15th, 2017 at 4:41 PM
theemdash: (SG-1 Sam/Cam)
Here's a few more newly archived fics. As before ALL fics have been given a polish.
★'d fics are personal favorites.

Because I posted all my Sam drabbles in a batch, this is more or less a Sam Carter Special Edition. (If anyone checks out the Carter Collection, can you let me know if that organization for a drabble collection works for AO3? I took advice, poked around, and made an attempt.)

Stargate: SG-1
Bad Timing, NC-17, Jack/Daniel, episode related ("Forever in a Day," "Meridian"), seasons 3-9, UST, sex, eventual-get-together fic (4,300 words)
y'know how fic writers write what they want to read? that's this fic for me

Sam Fics
Dragging Her Down, PG, Sam/Pete, Sam/Jack (yes, you read that right), Season 7, "Lost City" tag, angst, grief (600 words)
this is apparently the first SG-1 fic I wrote—well, that didn't set the tone, did it?

The Way We Are, PG, unrequited Sam/Martouf, season 4, Tok'ra, deception, unrequited love (1,700 words)
this is more interesting than I remember it being—and Martouf POV!

Chain of Command, PG-13, Sam, Jack, Team, mission, season 4, missing!Jack, soldier!Carter (1,400 words)
it's possible my love of writing mission fic started here

I Should Have, PG, Sam, Cam, prison, humor (100 words)
short and silly

Perfect Timing, PG-13, Hakkai/Sanzo, hurt/comfort, subtle emotions, kissing in the rain (500 words)
"kissing in the rain," because I don't have a recurring theme

Harry Potter
Uncertain Blindness, NC-17, Remus/Sirius, sex against furniture, desperation, kissing (800 words)
again, "sex against furniture", I don't have a recurring theme

One-Time Deal, NC-17, Remus/Sirius/Regulus, sex, threesome, incest (1,150 words)
I honestly hadn't realized I wrote this. much. sex.


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Jan. 16th, 2017 06:15 pm (UTC)
"Bad Timing" is very lovely, but it hurts so much to see these two separated by work and silly regulations. But perhaps Jack is finally "ancient" enough to retire. :) Very nice, bitter-sweet story!


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