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  • Feb. 14th, 2017 at 10:15 AM
theemdash: (SG-1 Jack/Daniel Touchies)
Here's the Valentine's Edition by the fact that my one lone Valentine-based fic is in this collection and everything here is happy and schmoopy and Jack/Daniel. As before ALL fics have been polished.
★'d fics are personal favorites.

Stargate: SG-1: Jack/Daniel Humor Collection
I Know Kung-Fu, PG, Jack/Daniel, friendship, humor, music inspired, season 4-ish (540 words)
this fic is just silly

Woobie, PG, Jack/Daniel, humor, fluff, pet names, season 7 (200 words)
shockingly: this fic is also silly

No One Should Suffer Alone, PG, Jack/Daniel, friendship, humor, Valentine's Day Fic, season 4-ish (180 words)
Jack and I share some feelings

Body Snatcher, PG-13, Jack/Daniel, humor, dirty talk, missing scene for "Crusade" (380 words)
ah, body-swap fic

The End, R, Jack/Daniel, humor, sort of break up fic, season 9 or 10 (590 words)
this fic brings me much joy; Daniel is so snarky

Sugar Me Sweet, PG-13, Jack/Daniel, team, humor, karaoke, drunk!Daniel, season 4-ish (950 words)
the thing I remember the most about this fic is Sam

Properly Motivated, PG-13, Jack/Daniel, humor, training, season 3 (100 words)
I changed the punch line and now it's MUCH funnier

Looking Cute, PG, Jack/Daniel, humor, fluff, sleepy!Daniel, romantic!Jack (150 words)
omg, I have a cavity

Diplomacy Bites, PG-13, Jack/Daniel, OMC, humor, AMTDI, surprise kissing, season 7-ish (640 words)
this fic continues to make me giggle

Everyone Loves a Wedding, PG, Jack/Daniel, Thor, Sam, Vala, Cameron, Landry, Teal'c, humor, wedding, alternate take on "200" (1,025 words)
this is so goofy and slightly meta

Cold Feet, R, Jack/Daniel, humor, groping, implied het and OT4, another "200" fic (300 words)
yeah, I will never write a Sam/Jack wedding

Experimentation, PG-13, Jack/Daniel, humor, food ick, off-world smuggling, season 7-ish (310 words)
the innocent kind of off-world smuggling

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