Newly Archived Fic Post #9

  • Feb. 10th, 2017 at 4:12 PM
theemdash: (M Bookworm)
Here's a few more newly archived fics. As before ALL fics have been polished.
★'d fics are personal favorites.

The drabble collection here is technically Daniel/Cameron, but two of the stories also have Jack/Daniel because Daniel has some history here. (Also because I'm obsessed, okay?)

Stargate: SG-1
The Next Best Thing, NC-17, Jack/Daniel, Daniel/Vala, angst, dream sex, masturbation, fix-it, Season 10, missing scenes for "Unending" (9,100 words)
this is way more Jack/Daniel than I remember, so take the second pairing with a grain of salt; also this is my headcanon explanation for THAT RANT Daniel gives Vala

Bruised, R, Jack/Daniel, angst, hurt/comfort, blow job, bruises, no kissing (1,130 words)
in addition to being my contribution to the trope of bjs in storage closets, this fic was once plagiarized for Torchwood fandom!

Sacrifice, NC-17, Jack/Daniel, angst, hurt/comfort, smut, heartbreak (2,440 words)
I remember writing this fic and going, "WHAT THE HELL IS HURT/COMFORT?!" not realizing that I wrote h/c all the freaking time

Stargate: SG-1: Daniel/Cameron Collection
Even, PG, Daniel/Cameron, pre-slash, moving, episode related, "Avalon" (100 words)
ah, a hopeful beginning to Daniel/Cameron

Glance, PG-13, Daniel/Cameron, Jack/Daniel, observant!Cameron, season 10 (100 words)
I really love that Cameron is smart enough to figure it out and it just surprises him, that's all

Healthy Breakfast, PG-13, Daniel/Cameron, Jack/Daniel, angsty, Season 10, episode tag "The Shroud" (570 words)
this time I'm mean to Daniel (but the solution is a threesome (not in this fic))

An Echo, A Ghost, A Whisper, PG-13, Illyria, Wesley/Illyria (unrequited), angst, frustration at humanity, episode related, post-"Time Bomb" (830 words)
of all my BtVS and Angel fics, this is my favorite

Fullmetal Alchemist
Obviously There's Something On Your Chest, R, Havoc, Roy/Ed, humor, crack, so much crack, genderswap, (3,020 words)
this whole fic is built around a pun and I love it

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