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  • Feb. 7th, 2017 at 11:25 AM
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When I watched "Tin Man" for the first time I had a moment when I thought, "What if they're just robots for the rest of the series?" Which would be a bold decision to make in the first season, certainly, but it is the start of a fun little game of imagining SG-1 continuing without major changes reversed. Essentially, it is a game of not returning to the status quo. So, let's imagine for a bit:

"Fragile Balance" — Mini-Jack is not a clone and SG-1 continues led by a 15-year-old version of Colonel O'Neill. Goa'uld laugh in the face of SG-1 more often than usual, but a 15-year-old Jack has a much easier time breaking out of binders and crawling through ventilation shafts. The only downside? It's much harder to push Daniel out of the way to get to the Ancient head-sucker, so Daniel is the one frozen at the end of "Lost City."

"Holiday" — Daniel and Machello aren't switched back because Machello's body dies before they finish, and Machello joins SG-1 to fight in Daniel's name. Machello fights extra hard to win Sha're back and probably never confesses to her that he's not Daniel because that's a lot to explain in the little screen time they share before she dies. "Legacy" is entirely different (and much shorter). Also Daniel never Ascends so Jack probably dies in "Abyss," Teal'c dies during "The Changeling," and the galaxy is lost by "Full Circle." Um, this AU doesn't seem to be working out too well, is it? Let's try for something happier.

"In the Line of Duty" — Sam remains a host to Jolinar and Jolinar joins SG-1. Naturally they met the Tok'ra much sooner, and Sam and Martouf have a canon relationship. Sam/Jolinar also have a much easier time navigating and reconstructing Goa'uld technology, so the F-302 program moves along much faster. PS "Divide and Conquer" doesn't exist in this timeline.

Okay, what other AU timelines can you come up with?

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